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Data Privacy



根據個人資料(私隱)條例, The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited  (下稱: “本系統”、”我們”,”我們的”)採用以下政策,以確保系統使用者之個人資料得到保密。在未得到本系統使用者的同意時,資料除用作活動報名及 The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited 其他指定活動用途外,我們絕不會向外披露任何個人資料。


 The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited  及受其委託的服務供應商將閣下所提供的資料用作以下用途:
1. 處理報名的行政工作,如確認、簽發收據、收款通知、捐助記錄及有關活動通訊等
2. 識別用戶
3. 紀錄與你的任何聯絡
4. 防止和偵測利用本網站進行詐騙或濫用等行為,及讓第三者以本網站名義進行技術援助及後勤等工作
5. 向你提供 The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited 的最新資訊和體育資訊
6. 以不記名形式統計訪客的使用習慣及研究訪客的人數、興趣及瀏覽行為,有助我們瞭解訪客的瀏覽和使用習慣,從而提高服務水平。
7. 我們不會出租、交換或售賣你自願在本網站提供的可識別個人資料,包括電郵地址及聯絡電話等。





本網站採用線上繳款和捐款過程中,以加密方式在互聯網上傳送。系統使用者會被接駁至我們所管理的即時付款系統,直接進行信用卡 (VISA / MASTER) 網上結賬。所有信用卡資料將會以加密處理,並不會儲存於本系統的伺服器內。收費已包括網上交易費用及信用卡交易費用。






若您對本網站的《私隱聲明》有任何的疑問或查詢,請電郵至 與我們聯絡。如有任何爭議,The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited 保留最終決定權。


Data Privacy


According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance,  The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“The System”, “We”, “Our”) will adopt the following policy to ensure that users of the System will have their personal data safeguarded. Unless consent has been obtained from the user of the System, information of the user will only be used for registering the event and other designated activities of  The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited. We will never release any personal information to any other party.

Use of Personal Data

 The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited and its authorized service provider will use the information that you supplied for the following:
1. Processing administrative work related to registration, including endorsement, receipt issuance, payment notice issuance, donation record and relevant event notices, etc.;
2. Identifying the user;
3. Recording any communication with you;
4. Preventing and detecting any activities that make use of this website for fraudulent or exploitative behavior, or activities that allow third parties to provide technical support and backup work in the name of this website;
5. Providing the latest updates of the events and other sports information of The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited ;
6. In an anonymous basis, conducting statistical research on this website visitor’s habits and research on visitor number, interests and browsing behavior, which can help us understand visitors’ viewing and usage habits so as to improve our service levels.
7. We will never lease, exchange or sell the personally identifiable information that you have voluntarily supplied to us, including email address and telephone number.



As with most internet websites, when using the System, you will be downloading information of the website you are surfing, together with a small text file known as “cookie” into your computer. Downloading cookies can help technicians can distinguish whether that computer or that visitor has visited the website before.

Online Payment or Donation

This website adopts the online payment system. During online payment and donation, information will be encrypted and transmitted via the internet. Users of the System will be connected to a real time payment gateway managed by the service provider and the payment will be settled directly with the credit card company (VISA/MASTER) online. All credit card information will be encrypted and will not be saved in the server of the System. The payment includes web transaction fees and credit card transaction fees.


Linking Policy

The System provides hyperlinks to other websites. As the privacy policy of this website is not applicable to such third party websites, we are not responsible for third party websites that may collect your personal data. These third party hyperlinks are solely for the convenience of the users of our website. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of the websites you visit.


Privacy Policy Amendments

Should there be amendments to the privacy policy of this website due to legislative requirements or operational improvements, the content this website will be updated.


Contact Us

Should you have any queries or enquiries regarding the privacy policy of this website, please email Should there be any dispute,  The Note (Hong Kong) Company Limited reserves the right to the final decision.

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